How To Shuffle Songs On Spotify With The Best Spotify Playlist Shuffler

Hi. I noticed that when I enabled shuffle on Spotify, the songs would be in a certain order every single time. It wasn't even remotely random. I tried looking for a solution for this but I always found some website where I was supposed to wait for it to create new random playlists for me to listen to every single time I wanted to listen to music. It wasn't good enough. So I decided to create a better solution. I created Virtual Shuffle.

Simply open the app, check the "Enable shuffling" checkbox, give it authorization and then play your songs on Spotify. Virtual Shuffle will force Spotify to play truly random tracks all in real time. No more waiting for some website to create another random playlist. It just works. Virtual Shuffle is simply the best Spotify playlist shuffler

New features have been added to the app:

  1. Added ability to combine Spotify playlists.
  2. Added ability to delete multiple Spotify playlists at once.
  3. Added ability to create playlists from your favorite songs on Spotify.
  4. Added ability to remove duplicates from Spotify playlists.
  5. Added ability to export Spotify playlists.
  6. Added ability to import Spotify playlists.
  7. Added ability to search all Spotify playlists for a particular track.

Virtual Shuffle is free to try for 7 days after which you'll have to pay a subscription fee of $1.99 every month to continue to use it.

Get Virtual Shuffle on Google Play

Don't have an android phone? You can use the web version